Erie Tool & Abrasives
commodity management

Matching up with the best
As Abrasive Commodity Manager, we become the conduit for all abrasive manufacturers to your plant. We know this industry. We know the strengths (and not-so-strengths) of the manufacturers out there. Knowing your grinding operations as we do, the areas with the greatest need for savings are targeted, and then we match the products and manufacturers that will produce the greatest savings and productivity enhancements. Voila!

Wanted: Controlled point of contact
How about minimizing your personnel’s time with outside vendors? By being a single point of contact for abrasives, the Erie Tool commodity manager concept takes the focus away from selling more grinding wheels (the traditional competing distributor model) to concentrate on optimizing each operation by selecting the best grinding wheel for each application.

Connected for quick response
Your company will benefit from the fact that Erie Tool works with all the major grinding wheel manufacturers: Norton/Saint-Gobain, Cincinnati/Tyrolit, Radiac and Noritake – good, longstanding, working relationships. When your needs fluctuate, you’ll also benefit from our alteration capabilities. We tap into our extensive grinding wheel stock, then modify wheel sizes and forms to your exacting specifications. Testing of all grinding wheels is enhanced by our Grinding Cycle Monitor – a computerized data collection/power meter combination tool that captures a true picture of the actual grinding cycle. Using this information we are able to optimize individual grinding operations. For you, it means reduced cycle times, or increased productivity of existing/new grinding wheels, or reduced costs. Or, how about all three?

Do what you do best
From our perspective, the cornerstones of effective tooling management in today’s manufacturing environment are Commodity Management and Vendor Managed Inventory. By taking on these roles, Erie Tool allows you to focus precious energy on production, freeing up financial and personnel resources. In the end, we work together – like a team. And that’s a good thing.

Manage that inventory!
Did you ever notice that there is too much inventory throughout the supply chain – whether held at the manufacturers’ locations, distributor warehouses, or end users’ facilities? By utilizing input from you, our Vendor Managed Inventory System keeps your plant sufficiently supplied, while creating back-up inventory in our warehouse or in the manufacturing pipeline. This minimizes the inventory kept in your facility, but also rightsize your purchases to established requirements. This all works to keep your purchase order size down and reduce those bothersome carrying costs. There is also an advantage for us, because the regular monitoring of your inventory helps us manage our inventory; a win-win proposition.